Tuesday, June 30, 2020

CroftSoft Agile Glossary

A tongue-in-cheek glossary of agile software development puns that I have invented over the years:
  • Au Pair Programming: a variation on pair programming in which an experienced software developer is paired with an inexperienced software developer
  • Scrummerfail: a combining of an agile software development methodology such as Scrum with waterfall development, widely known as "scrummerfall", but taken to the extreme in which the entire development process is waterfall but all of the terminology associated with the process is based on agile
  • Slog: a sprint lasting more than four weeks
  • Technical Deficit: an ongoing accumulation of technical debt that is passed on to future generations

2022-07-15 Update
  • Marathon: a series of sprints in which work on stories continues uninterrupted between sprints