Monday, June 12, 2023

Beginning Rust

Tonight I finished reading Beginning Rust: Get Started with Rust 2021 Edition (2e) by Carlo Milanesi.  I found some detailed explanations for difficult concepts in this book that I had not come across elsewhere including The Rust Book.  I also appreciated that the book teaches the formal terminology for the various language features.

I started reading "Beginning Rust" in parallel with another Rust book for beginners by a different author.  Whereas the other book teaches Rust to the reader by guiding them through example applications, this book focuses strictly on the language as demonstrated with code snippets.  I think the latter approach permitted the author of "Beginning Rust" to do a better job of putting the topics in prerequisite order.

Before "Beginning Rust", I also finished reading Rust for Rustaceans but I will have to read that one again in a year or two before I can review it properly as it was too advanced for me.  I think "Beginning Rust" is a better immediate follow-on to "The Rust Book".  I might look at Rust Atomics and Locks by Mara Bos next.