Tuesday, March 21, 2006

CDBurnerXP Pro

To install the operating system Fedora (a.k.a. Red Hat Linux), you need to burn ISO files to CD-ROM or DVD. Unfortunately, many of the Windows CD and DVD burners require a paid upgrade for the ISO support feature. If you want to do it all for free, it is sort of a catch-22: you need to be running Fedora to burn the Fedora ISO's so that you can install Fedora.

Finally after much searching and experimentation, I have settled on the free Windows application CDBurnerXP Pro version 3.5. I notice that other people I know use it too.

It did what I needed; now I can install Fedora. In writing this now, I am mildly annoyed to discover that after finally creating a set of Fedora Core 4 CD's a couple of days ago, Fedora Core 5 came out the very next day.

For a list of more free tools, please see the CroftSoft Links webpage.

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`simon said...

hey i am wondering what the latest version of cdburnerxp pro is?